Allyson Ward

Speaker and Best-selling Author

President of The Capstone Group in Washington, DC. The company offers Leadership Coaching and Training for corporate, government and private clients.

Her passion is working with women and helping them to find their voice through private coaching for speaking in front of audiences or in group training to develop skills that will allow them to feel more confident in meetings. She is the founder and head trainer of Good To GreatTM, a group coaching program designed to enable women to live an authentic life, happy, healthy and free now described as a massage for your soul.

She is a Senior Trainer at Robbins Research International assisting Anthony Robbins at events such as: Business Mastery, Leadership Academy and Date with Destiny. At these events, she leads teams of trainers and helps thousands of clients to achieve personal breakthroughs and business outcomes.

A graduate of Boston College with a degree in Economics and a MBA from The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, she has twenty years of experience leading sales and marketing teams at IBM and Boise Cascade.

Allyson, a mother of four daughters, resides in Washington, DC with her husband.