April Cossley

Educator and Investor

April Crossley is a no nonsense educator and investor who helps people grow wealth with real estate. She began investing in 2004 when she started flipping houses as a side gig. Her first deal was completed on a joint venture with other people’s money.

Since 2004 April has only purchased deals off market and has never used any of her own money to buy her flip projects or rental properties. She has raised millions in private funds and has trusted relationships with dozens of private lenders that she works with regularly. She flips and wholesales between 20-30 houses a year, owns a portfolio of small multifamily rental properties in Berks County, PA and she is also a private lender.

April retired at the age of 35 from a 13 year long career in healthcare by investing in real estate. She currently lives in Berks County, PA and also lives part time during the winter in Arizona. Since the start of her career she has helped a multitude of people retire from their careers early by teaching them how to flip houses or become private lenders via her consulting company Lazy Girl REI. April also organizes a real estate investment group in Berks County, PA that has 1,400 members and her You Tube Channel with over 12,000 subscribers that she utilizes to help spread her message about growing wealth with real estate so more people can have financial freedom.

She is passionate about helping other people grow wealth with real estate by helping them find the path that is best for them: flipping vs. owning rental property vs. private lending. April speaks frequently on podcast interviews and at conferences about her journey from being a teenage mom on welfare to starting in healthcare, And then transitioning into a life of financial freedom through real estate.