Caeli Ridge

CEO of Ridge Lending Group

Owner of a Nationwide Lending Company with a large Real Estate Portfolio of her own.

Caeli Ridge is the Owner and CEO for Ridge Lending Group. She has spent the last 20 years as a nationwide lender and loan officer in both residential and commercial type properties. She is also an established real estate investor, and has held up to 42 investment properties at any one time across the United States. She has worked with thousands of RE investors and Homeowners all over the country and has a proven track recorded of having helped more families realize their dreams of financial independence through real estate investing than any other Mortgage Lender in the country. She maintains and serves her real estate investor database of 30,000 strong and growing. Ridge Lending is the preferred lender for over four dozen investment networks nationwide, making her true leader in real estate lending.

What separates Caeli Ridge and Ridge Lending from any other lender, is her extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of real-estate finance and her continued commitment to being a leader in both technology and as an educator to her clients and within the lending industry.