Karen Moore

Hard Money Lender

Having a background with a degree in Neuroscience, Karen came into Real Estate unexpectedly. 10 years ago she met a fix and flipper at a networking event and the real estate bug took hold. Her new friend, Kristi, soon had her finding deals and after her first deal she advised Karen to take an acquisitions class with InvestClub for Women with Iris Veneracion. From there she became a leader. Soon she was mentoring the class and eventually working as head of acquisitions for InvestClub and helping to teach the class over the next 8 years. Focusing on collaboration and empowering others to attain their goals she found herself serendipitously recruited into the lending side of Real Estate Investing. Now, working with Trilion Capital, she brings her empowering, empathy driven, collaboration-rather-than-competition mind-set into lending and helping other Real Estate Investors begin, expand, grow and succeed in building their futures.