Kathleen Kramer

In her 25+ years as a licensed Real Estate Broker and Mortgage Originator, Kathleen Kramer has closed over 2500 transactions for more than a $1 billion in volume. In the early 2000’s she owned and operated a branch of American Residential Funding, Inc, a nationwide residential lender. She also ran a successful Real Estate club in Huntington Beach from 2002 to 2006.

She and her husband, Michael, have personally invested in a variety of real estate-backed investments including single family, multi-family, office, land development, reg D syndications and non-performing notes in several states.

Her current investment focus is on Non-Performing notes in the 2nd trust deed position, working alongside her husband of 24 years, at 1 Oak Advisory, LLC.

Kathleen earned a degree in Business Economics from University of California at Santa Barbara in 1990. Besides being a licensed CA Broker, she holds certifications in Commercial Real Estate, Private Lending and Mortgage Planning.
For the past six years she has been a regular speaker at LA and Orange County Real Estate Investor Clubs, providing macro-economic and local Real Estate market updates. She enjoys raising her daughter, leading a Girl Scout Troop, and teaching classes on real estate investing.