LeAn Randell

LeAn grew up on a remote island in southeast Alaska where homesteading and subsisting off of the land was the custom. She worked closely with her father in the commercial fishing industry spending months at sea close to nature.

After graduating from the University of Alaska with a Bachelor’s in Biology and a minor in Anthropology, she obtained her 100 ton Captains License. She went on to manage and operate a remote high tech salmon hatchery and later worked on a research vessel with the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game participating in studies on the waters of the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Strait, and Bristol Bay. Despite her love for the sea and nature, LeAn felt the entrepreneurial urge and duty to start her own business in real estate development, where she felt she could have a greater impact.

LeAn is passionate about their mission to make the world a better place one home at a time through using green building practices to create energy efficient eco conscious homes. She started a nonprofit “The Fortunate Foundation” where she creates two acres of Certified Wildlife Habitats for every acre she develops.