Loren Lahav

speaker, author and coach

Loren is a speaker, author and coach with over 30 years of experience in personal development. She loves to fire people up from the stage and wake them up to what is possible in their lives, but what she’s really obsessed with is helping people get real change after the seminar is over and they are back in the daily grind.
When you see her speak or work with her, you’re not going to just sit back and listen. She’s going to get you thinking and taking action to achieve your goals. her coaching clients range from the stay at home mom who is looking to reignite her passion in life to the busy Fortune 500 CEO who wants to get to the next level in her business.

She’s all about helping people get big results, but also helping them achieve balance in their lives through embracing their passions, strengthening their relationships and taking care of their minds and bodies.

People love working with Loren because she really does practice with she preaches. She’s out there in the trenches with them, sometimes working 200 days a year on the road, managing teams, coaching clients and she’s done it all while raising her kids.

Loren has learned the rituals and tools that work, and loves sharing them with my clients so they can stop thinking about their dreams and start living them.