Melanie Towey

Business Coach

Whether it be in business or in life, Melanie Towey believes in fixing the root cause at the deepest level – not treating the symptoms.

As a trusted leader and consulting resource within the building materials, architecture & design, and construction space, Melanie helps industry professionals grow in themselves and in their careers, as well as strategically helps entrepreneurs and business leaders at a deeper level overcome foundational challenges hindering them from results.

As a Professional EOS® Implementer and Business Coach, Melanie acts as a teacher, coach, and facilitator — helping business leaders transform their companies and, ultimately, their lives. She helps implement a complete, proven system with simple, practical tools to help business leaders achieve three things: vision, traction and health. When you align and synchronize all the moving parts of your business you create clarity, accountability, efficiency, and profitability.

As a Mindset Coach, Melanie works with high-achieving professionals who have a deep desire to make lasting, positive changes — yet often have limiting beliefs or recurring thought patterns holding them back from achieving their fullest potential and goals. Using a uniquely tailored and hybrid form of coaching, Melanie combines traditional coaching tools and techniques in combination with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®). This method of coaching was created on the basis that past experiences, habits, and beliefs create patterns in the subconscious mind and that these patterns dictate our attitudes, actions, and reactions. Breakthroughs are achieved by understanding and fixing the root cause, rather than just addressing the symptoms of the presenting issue.

Melanie’s ultimate mission is to be a catalyst for professionals looking to achieve freedom, joy, and fulfillment while enhancing their performance and making a meaningful difference in every area of their life. You only get one life. How you design it is up to you.